Social Media + Marketing


Develop new branding including signage, logos, graphics, and content creation. We will work together to choose the best colors, fonts, and design to catch your ideal customers eye. 

Social Media Plans

Social Media is a great tool to further your business endeavors. We will help you develop a social media strategy, utilize the best mediums for your business, and focus on quality over quantity.

Google Business + Yelp

Yelp and Google Business are great tools to help grow your audience and increase visibility, and develop trust with your consumer base.

Social Media Consulting

We offer social media consulting for businesses that want to develop and implement strategy but are unsure how to start and what mediums to use. 

Social Media Services 

Social Media is an incredible tool for small businesses. Your social media channels (along with your website!) are the best first impressions of your services. 

Consumers will trust a business that has  active and engaging social media more than one that has stagnant accounts with little to no regular posting. 

At Dash Media, we work with you to create a social media content strategy that is as hands on or off as you would prefer. We create all of our social media plans unique to your business and goals. 

We also offer pricing for one-time projects or short term needs. 


Pricing is based off of each client’s specific social media marketing needs. For this reason, We do not offer packaged pricing for services. All social media services have a $350.00 minimum and the price is adjusted from there dependent on the scope of work.
Payments are accepted online or via check or Zelle. Payments can also be adjusted into installments (no more than 5).

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