Web Design + Marketing for Small Business


Dash Media takes pride in helping our clients understand the marketing aspects of their business. We don’t hide behind fancy jargon or confusing terms. We want you to understand what we are doing and why we think it matters to your company. 


Let’s grow your business through choosing the right social media outlets and not just what is trendy. We’ll help you find your target audience and interpret the results so you know what will work for your business. Our marketing plans are not one-size-fits-all…they are tailored to each client and completely customizable!


We’ll build on the information collected over time to continually tweak and change our strategy to make sure you get the results you want. Our marketing expertise makes it easy for you to discover the best ways to grow your business and keep it growing!


Your website is your landline to your customers. Dash Media web design is based on being straightforward, manageable, and simplistic. We work mainly with small businesses that have no desire (or need) to sign long-term contracts with big companies for a basic website. We use mainstream web hosting and easy to understand design themes on purpose, so our clients have full control over their intellectual property. 
With Dash Media web design, our clients have full ownership over their website, domain, logo, and other graphic design content. We create profiles under your name and information. 

Website Design Services:

  • Complete website creation from scratch, including domain purchase, website hosting, and site setup and design
  • Management of existing website, including site upgrades and new content
  • Re-design of an existing website 
  • Original graphics and design services
  • Emergency website creation 


Marketing is what your business communicates to the world around it. Your brand and mission should be clear and understandable to your customers, whether you are selling a product online or own a physical business. Marketing talks, and we can help you determine what you need to be saying. 
With Dash Media, we come along side our clients and help you understand the best avenues to market your business and get the best return on your investment. 
With Dash Media marketing, our clients can create a smart and strategic marketing and branding plan that works for your business. We build a marketing plan around your specific wants and needs. If you have a specific project that you’re curious about, just ask!

Marketing Services:

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Account creation and management of social media channels, Google Business, Yelp, LinkedIn and other mediums. 
  • Event coordination and creation
  • Business card design, signage graphics and logos, product management. 
  • Advertising campaign management

Photography + Videography

Professional videography and photography including headshots, products, and promotional materials.

Email Campaigns

Set your business up for success by implementing email campaigns to capture future customers and promote your business.

Print Media

Custom Designed logos, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, posters, decals, stickers and more to fit your brand.


View Dash Media’s portfolio. We want our clients to be drawn to our work and get a feel for our style. All of our work is done in collaboration with our clients and their specific wants and needs. We have enjoyed every project so far and look forward to continuing to perfect our craft!


Not only do we write blogs for our clients, but we write our own blog too! Check out the Dash Media blog on a variety of topics such as marketing, small business, websites, and maybe the occasional favorite recipe from one of us to spice things up. We try to keep our blog informative and fun so others can easily understand and follow along with our business. 
Our contracts are never long-term. We don’t believe in locking our clients into a long-term commitment. We are confident in our ability to work with clients because they want to, not because they have to!


  • Our ideal clients are small business owners in need of marketing and website assistance. We work largely with blue-collar, family owned companies who are stretched trying to do it all and need a new strategy. We see all too often small businesses try to work with large marketing conglomerates to get projects done. The outcome is usually a website consisting of stock images and generic keywords and mass produced marketing. 


  • Our goal at Dash Media is to create and build on your branding and ideas to help you reach your business goals and sustain longterm growth. Think of us as back seat drivers…you’re steering the car, and we’ll help get you where you want to be. We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages. Unlike large marketing companies, our marketing and websites are completely 100% customizable to your business. This is what makes Dash Media unique in our business strategy and in working with our ideal client types.